Specialty Fats & Oils

Cocoa Butter Substitutes

The rise in the price of cocoa butter forced confectioners to seek for cheaper and more readily available alternative fats derived from various natural sources.

A. Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil
A vegetable fat prepared from refined lauric component. Enables fat crystallization during application.

Recommended application: coating & filling confectioneries

B. Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Stearin
A premium grade of cocoa butter subtitute that specially tailored solid fat content demonstrates excellent sharp melting property.

Recommended application: for moulding of chocolate bar

Coating Fats

Coating fats allow you to meet your requirements by choosing the solid fat content profile that is not too brittle, too soft, to hard, or too waxy. It is designed for enrobing products, is pliable and does not chip off during eating.

Recommended application: bakery coating, biscuit, wafer

Filling Fats

Filling fats are designed meet your requirements by allowing you to choose the  correct solid fat content profile that is not hard, too soft, or too waxy.

They have an excellent melting profile and fast crystallization for cooling purposes.

Recommended application: compound chocolate center fillings, confectionary fillings, wafer/biscuit fillings

Ice Cream Fats

Ice cream fat is a fully refined, bleached, deodorized, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. It is produce under the most stringent quality control requirements and hygiene standard.

Recommended application: chocolate coatings for ice cream and chilled confections

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